Romans 12:4-8 teaches we all have been given unique abilities to serve others. Would you like to serve, but aren’t quite sure where? A spiritual gifts assessment is a great place to start! Click here and follow the directions to assist you in finding your spiritual gifts. E-mail us with your results, and we will work with you to find an exciting opportunity to use your gifts and passions to serve the church.
Our volunteers serve as our first impression during worship services and special events. You can volunteer for every Sunday, bi-weekly or once a month. There are several opportunities to get involved. Volunteer by clicking one of the green links below:

Guest Services

Guests are first introduced to our church when they meet our guest services team as they enter our building. The greatest assets for serving in this area are a big smile, timeliness, and a willingness to welcome all attenders with warmth and joy. When attenders receive the newsletter and a smile from you their worship service has begun. 9:00am Greeter Team members must be willing to arrive no later than 8:15am and serve until 9:10am. 10:30am Greeter Team members should arrive no later than 10:05am and serve until 10:40am.
Ushers are asked to fill several roles. First, the usher is to be available to help assist in taking the offering. Secondly, ushers are asked to assist attenders in finding a seat when the services are crowded. Finally, we ask all ushers to be aware of anyone or anything that might be a threat to First Baptist and to report any and all suspicious situations to our campus police officer. Ushers should arrive 45 minutes before the 9am service and 30 minutes before the 10:30am service.
Parking assistance is often needed because of our numerical growth and our downtown location. Parking team members serve as needed and are asked to arrive one hour prior to the event where the team is needed.
The pre-service greeter team is asked to walk up and the aisles of the worship center and greet worshipers as they arrive. The pre-worship service team is asked to begin greeting people 20 minutes prior to each service.
Volunteers arrive at 8:30am for the 9:00am service and remain under the tent until 9:10am and return at 10:10am and remain until 10:40am.

Anchored Kids Ministry

Reel Life Student Ministry


Worship Arts Ministry

Helping Hands Ministry


Bible Study Leader

The group leader will faithfully teach the Bible using the Explore the Bible curriculum and set up and discipleship system where the group can be multiplied by dividing. It is our goal to always start new groups and train leaders to go out on mission within the connection group structure. Connection Groups meet on Sunday mornings.
Discipleship groups include, but are not limited to parenting, stewardship, prayer, book studies, etc.


Campus Life Ministry


Care Ministry

Office Administrative Volunteer

Answer the phone, resourcing, preparation of guest bags, developing spreadsheets or word documents as abilities are available.

Care Ministry

Worship Center Cleaning Team

Prayer Team

Marketing Team

Special Events Team

Lakefront Location Care Team