Ladies Luncheon & Clothing Exchange

Saturday, August 24, 2019 from 12 noon – 3PM // Building C
Ladies, you are going to be so blessed and feel so very special at your
Complimentary Lunch and Exchange Party.
This is how it will work: Sign up by PRINTING your name and checking the line “I will attend the Ladies’ Luncheon and Clothing Exchange” on your response form. Also, please include the number of friends you will bring. Begin inviting your friends who are prospects, not attendees of our church. There will be door prizes for whomever brings the most prospects.
Clean out your closet of ladies’ clothing and accessories: shoes, jewelry, purses, scarves, belts. Bring those items, which you no longer love, on Sunday, August 11 and/or 18 and there will be a designated place on the patio to leave your items (hangers will be appreciated but not required). On your box or bag please mark: “Exchange”.
On the day of the Exchange we’ll swap ’til we drop. Say you have brought in 5 dresses; you may choose any 5 items and they do not necessarily have to be the same type of item. Example, instead of choosing 5 dresses, you may select 4 tops and 1 purse. If you find more items than you brought in or if you did not bring anything in and find items you just can’t live without, there will be a donation jar for any amount. There will also be changing areas and mirrors.
Any leftover items will be donated to a Christian charity. This will be a great time of Fun and Fellowship. You’ll get your closets better organized, have a great opportunity to bring the “one” you have been praying for, lessen waste impact on God’s beautiful creation, meet new friends, get to better know your friends, and come away with new “stuff” to refill those closets! And it’s all Free!
Any questions: Please contact Kathy Campion – (941) 350-0171 or Tassie Hodge –